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Danum Valley Conservation Area (DVCA) is an ideal location for adventure and nature lovers. Jungle trekking, wildlife photography and bird watching are particularly popular in this pristine forest.

Tembaling Waterfall

Tembaling Falls

Tembaling Falls takes about 1 to 2 hours walk to reach, along a trail where one can witness Danum Valley’s abundant flora and fauna.

Sungai Purut 7-tiered pools  

Purut Waterfall. Photo By O. Fung
Purut Waterfall

One of the spectacular waterfalls and pools found in Danum Valley Conservation Area is Sungai Purut Waterfall situated on the way to Gunung Danum. This waterfall is about 20 m in height with 7-tiered pools. It takes about 4 hours of jungle trekking from the Field Centre to reach the pool. Visitors can either choose to camp overnight or take a day trip.
Old Coffin found near DVFC. Photo by S. Yorath
Burial Caves
Burial Jar. Photo By YS/ICSB
Burial Jar

Burial caves have a special place in the myths and legends of the Orang Sungai in Borneo. They believe in the combining powerful spirits of hills and water. In Danum Valley, three burial sites have been discovered; two near the Field Centre and one below the cliff overlooking Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

Gunung Danum

Gunung Danum or Mt. Danum at 1093 meter is the highest peak in Danum Valley Conservation Area. Trekkers preferring a leisurely hike could take the 3 days 2 nights’ trip. However, hard core trekkers take only about 4 hours to reach Gunung Danum. An international event, the Eco-Challenge 2000, that took place in Danum Valley Conservation Area, proved this feat was possible.

Borneo Rainforest Lodge (BRL)

Borneo Rainforest Lodge is an exclusive eco-tourism facility located in the Danum Valley Conservation Area, situated 40 minutes drive away from Danum Valley Field Centre. BRL offers tourists an opportunity to experience and enjoy some of Borneo’s last remaining tropical lowland rainforest in all its natural splendour. To find out more about BRL, go to www.brl.com.my

Dawn over the Danum forest.. Photo by O. Fung
A spectacular Sunrise seen from one of the observation towers. Photo By O. Fung
Sunrise and sunset from an observation tower

Other interesting places are the nearby Rafflesia Hill where Rafflesias are found, Rhino Pool where the elusive Sumatran rhinoceros was once sighted, Gunung Nicola another peak within the vicinity and over 50km of marked trails in the conservation area. Visitors must hire a ranger from the Centre whenever they go for jungle trekking.