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Visitor Categories

Visitors are divided into the following categories:
• A : Malaysian Students (Primary -Secondary)
• B : Malaysian Students (Tertiary)
• C : Malaysian Adults (i.e. Residents of Malaysia including foreigners married to Malaysians or permanent residents)
• C : Overseas long-term Royal Society scientists
• D : Overseas researchers on planning and supervisory visits and long term researchers on the Danum Valley Rainforest Programme
• E : Other overseas students or scientists (with written approval from DVFC)
• F : Keen Naturalists with written approval from Danum Valley Management Committee

Fees and Charges
Please contact us for information on fees and charges at: cemdinfo@icsb-sabah.com.my

• Meals are served buffet-style in the rest house dining area (maximum capacity of 70 people).
• Packed lunches can be provided if ordered one day before.
• Coffee and tea are available free of charge in the dining area.
• Drinking water is available in the dining hall.
• Visitors staying in the hostel or campsite can choose to do self-catering. A stove and gas tank are provided in the campsite, and a stove, gas tank and refrigerator are available in the multipurpose hall and hostel kitchen.

Communications and Safety

DVFC is equipped with emergency VHF radio facilities, telephone, public telephone, e-mail and fax.

The Centre has a first aid kit and a Helipad for emergency evacuations. Visitors are advised to get their own insurance before visiting DVFC.

Do’s and Don’ts

Some of the basic do’s and don’ts, which will help to make your stay more enjoyable safe, include:

• Drive and carefully on the road to DVFC. Remember this road is also used by 70-ton logging trucks and other vehicles.
• Upon arrival, pay careful attention to the briefing given to you by DVFC staff.
• Please write down your name at the notice board if you are going into the forest without a DV Ranger, stay on the trails so that you don’t get lost!
• Take a water bottle with you in the forest, and torch and spare batteries if you are going out at night.
• Do not take anything from the forest including flowers, leaves, insects, wood etc. Remember that this is a special protected area and it is our responsibility to care for it wisely.
• Do not bring a parang or gun. HUNTING IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN anywhere in the Danum Valley Conservation Area or Yayasan Sabah Concession Area.
• Having a responsible attitude and not dropping litter ANYWHERE. All litter should be disposed of in the bins provided at DVFC, or taken home with you.
• Remember that you are in a Centre where scientists are carrying out research. Please respect this privilege and respect the areas, which are restricted for scientists’ use only.


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