Please Do This (Do’s)


1. Register your arrival or check out at the Registration Office

2. Inform us of any changes to your scheduled activities

3. Understand our in-house roles

4. Ask our ranger for assistance

5. During an emergency, follow the instructions from our ranger on duty

6. Jungle trekking activities must be accompanied by our ranger

7. Wear the proper clothes and shoes during outdoor activities

8. Always drink boiled water

9. Bring extra drinking water during trekking

10. Bring useful items such as insect repellent, First Aid, toiletries, torch light, and snacks during trekking

11. Bring only crucial items while trekking

12. Take good care of your belongings and keep them in a safe place

13. Put some identification on your belonging before handing over to your personal porter

14. Confirm and know the guide or ranger who will accompany you

15. Inform the guide ranger if you have any fitness problem

16. Think “safety first” for any activities

17. Keep within your group while trekking

18. Check your surroundings before taking a rest

19. Bring back your solid rubbish

20. Stay alert while trekking

21. Take your time during trekking

22. Enjoy your stay


Please Don’t Do This (Don’ts)


1. Walk alone inside forest

2. Make noise

3. Use perfume

4. Shade top under a dead tree

5. Touch any unknown insect or plant

6. Take away any forest product

7. Use candles after lights-off

8. Litter

9. Start an open fire

10. Hunt fish, collect and cut plants

11. Leave any graffiti