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Step into The Lost World of Sabah

Visitors to Imbak Canyon Conservation Area are welcome, but access is strictly controlled and permission to enter must be obtained in advance from Yayasan Sabah.

The dining building at Tampoi Base Camp, surrounded by lowland dipterocarp forest,
on the edge of the Conservation Area
Boardwalk to the visitor accommodation at Tampoi Base Camp.


Imbak Canyon Conservation Area is ideal for wilderness recreation such as:

• Jungle trekking
• Bird watching
• Nature photography
• Night walks
• Swimming and recreation
• Camping

Conditions of Entry

1. Visitors must have insurance cover that includes emergency helicopter evacuation.

2. Visitors must report to the Manager of the Conservation Area or his representative upon their arrival.

3. Visitors must declare their photographic equipment/cameras upon reporting to the Manager of the Conservation Area or his representative.

4. Visitors must be accompanied by one or more rangers when entering the forest, except in designated “Self-guided Nature Trails”.

5. Hunting is prohibited anywhere in the Conservation Areas or Yayasan Sabah Forest Management Area.

6. Firearms are absolutely forbidden.

7. Collection of specimens is absolutely not allowed unless with written permission.

8. There should be no slashing of vegetation or cutting of new trails, unless with permission from relevant officers/staff of the Conservation Area.

9. No graffiti on any surface including but not limited to rocks, trees, signboards or any other structures.

10. Forest fires are real danger and campfires can be lit only under supervision of the rangers.

11. Visitors must inform the Manager of the Conservation Area if they have any health complication that requires special attention.

12. Styrofoam containers and canned foods must not be brought into the Conservation Area.

13. All litter/rubbish must be brought out.

14. Visitors must settle all charges/payments prior to leaving the Conservation Area.

15. Visitors who break any of the above rules will be asked to leave the Conservation Area immediately.

Communications and Safety

There are two communication systems which work in the area. They are the VHF radios, which allow contact between Base Camp and the Yayasan Sabah Sandakan office and VSAT, which allow contact through the internet. VHF sets must be taken in to the area by all groups and are available for hire from Yayasan Sabah. Telephone communication, via VSAT, will be installed soon.

Visitors enter Imbak Canyon Conservation Area at their own risk, and all visitors MUST show proof of Personal Accident Insurance Cover, which includes emergency helicopter evacuation, before permission is given to enter.


Currently, camp-bed style accommodation is available at Tampoi Base Camp for a maximum of 20 pax. Visitors can also bring their own camping gear. Electricity is available from 8.00 am to 12.00 midnight. A trail system, approximately 40 to 50 km, connecting all the satellite camps inside the canyon has been established.

Food is not provided and a kitchen area is available at Base Camp for visitors to prepare their own food.

Transportation can be provided at a fee with prior arrangement. However visitors are encouraged to arrange their own vehicle. All visitors must be accompanied by Imbak Canyon Conservation Area rangers when inside the Conservation Area, and porters can be hired with advance notice.